Further to our last email regarding our PPE procurement issues, fortunately we have today received a fraction of a back-order of PPE which we were able to procure prior to the outbreak, which means we can be more flexible with the surcharge.

Unfortunately, we will still require a TEMPORARY SURCHARGE for all procedures and the amount will be based on the type of procedure carried out to allow us to provide a service for the foreseeable future

These fees will be applied as follows ;

NON-AGP Non-aerosol Generating Procedures e.g. check ups and simple cleanings

AGP- Aerosol Generating Procedures (drilling or cleanings involving coolant sprays)

1) For NON-AGP's (equipment does not produce a spray) eg check ups, simple hygiene or periodontal maintenance with hand instruments and professional polishing with a cup or brush PPE1 tier level £7.00.

2) For all AGP’s including hygiene and minor dental procedures using any sprays and minor dental procedures eg small fillings, implant uncovering implant and periodontal maintenance requiring an ultrasonic spray but EXCEPTING endodontic procedures, surgery, crown and bridge and and surgical treatments PPE2 tier level £15.00

3) For all other endodontic, surgical, complex restorative crown and bridge and Implant placement procedures PPE3 tier level £35.00.

To reduce the cost for patients, we will endeavour to lengthen appointments and complete as much treatment as you require in any given session to save you multiple visits, which not only reduces the cost of the PPE surcharge but is also safer for patients and staff alike. Please note treatment plans may therefore be altered to allow this and fewer but longer appointments will be recommended. However, this will not be possible for complex treatment plans.

We have had to recognise that without a contribution we would be unable to provide even the limited service that we currently provide and personally I cannot emphasis enough how reluctant I am to pass on even a percentage of these extra costs. Please rest assured i do regard them as temporary until the cost of PPE returns to more normal levels, at which time I will remove them completely. However, in truth, we really don’t know when that will be.

We are confident that with the support of our patients, we will eventually and successfully come out of this period and continue to provide the professional services our patients have come to expect over the many years they have visited us.

Finally, I hope this message finds you well as we continue to do our level best to get you back as soon as possible under what is becoming known as the "new normal" dental experience.

T Neil Meekin
Director and Principal Dentist


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