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Delivering the highest quality patient experience has always been essential to me in creating Ashley House Specialist Dental Group. What matters most is what our patients think about our services after their treatment. For us, the patient journey starts at the moment we receive the dentist’s referral and ends when the treatment is completed, followed by a short patient satisfaction survey.

We have received over 2000 completed patient satisfaction surveys. This emphasises the level of attention we pay to the quality of our work and our patient’s satisfaction with our services. Below you will see the result of these surveys.

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1. Please rate how promptly you received your treatment.

4.78 Stars

2. Please rate how polite and courteous the staff and clinicians were.

4.95 Stars

3. Please rate how well you felt you were informed about your treatment.

4.92 Stars

4. Please rate your overall satisfaction with how your treatment was carried out.

4.93 Stars

5. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Practice as a whole.

4.90 Stars


Many of our patients are our friends now, and they recommend Ashley House to their friends and family.
We are proud and honoured to be entrusted with your care!

I've been coming to the Ashley House dental practice for many years and the team are always so polite, friendly and welcoming. It helps so much when you're kept informed of the procedure that you're undergoing and I always feel that I know what's going on. I can't praise the team highly enough, I think they are a 5-star practice.
13/12/2022 19:09
As an exceptionally nervous patient of around 14 years the treatment is outstanding. All the staff keep me well informed of what’s happening, put me at my ease and demonstrate a broad and amazing skill set. Thanks to all of them.
21/11/2022 17:59
Extremely pleased with my visit today where I was very well informed both verbally and visually in a friendly and professional way. This has enabled me to decide on the right option for my further treatment trusting the professionals there. Thank you.
20/09/2022 18:00
Everyone is very professional and courteous at Ashley House and the level of dental service is excellent.
18/08/2022 06:17
I’ve been coming to this practice for over 20 years and have always found everyone to be courteous and informative. When the practice reopened after lockdown, I felt extremely safe and protected with all the procedures that were put in place. Thank you.
11/07/2022 08:30
Both the dentist and orthodontist I have seen are so lovely! They really put your mind at rest if you are a little jittery about visiting the dentist as I am. This was the third dental practise I had visited and it was the only one that I felt clearly explained each step of my treatment and the payment options available. I currently have ceramic braces fitted and after only 4 months of treatment I am extremely happy with the results so far. After my braces are removed I will continue to have some dental work and whitening. I would definitely recommend Ashley House Specialist Dental Group to anyone that is considering dental or orthodontist treatment.
28/05/2022 17:27


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