We offer a range of complex treatments. Many of which are listed below with price indications.


A consultation with a Specialist usually includes simple intra-oral x-rays, clinical photographs and study casts where necessary and also includes any written reports to the patient and the referring clinician.On some rare occasions, additional fees may be necessary to meet any laboratory fees for patient’s requiring input from other specialists or dental technicians, but you will be informed of this in advance if this is likely.


Restorative & Prosthodontic Treament

We offer restorative and prosthodontic treatment to treat tooth decay, broken \ teeth or teeth that are breaking down. We offer a bespoke service where we will discuss all of the available treatment options. Once we have agreed the preferred treatment plan with you, we present a detailed and costed treatment plan that addresses the problems and your concerns appropriately. Typical services are Removable Prosthodontics, Crowns and Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, etc.

From £120
From £925
From £980
From £475
Complex dentures:
From £1900


Periodontitis. It starts with an initial consultation including a detailed examination, comprehensive X-rays, a detailed discussion and formulation of a treatment plan. This may also involve co-ordinating some parts of the treatment with the patients own general dental practitioner. A multi-staged treatment stabilises the disease by removing the major causes of periodontitis and includes patient education to remove plaque from the tooth-gum junction and removing mature plaque from under the gum line while the patient is numb. In more advanced cases periodontal surgery may be required. We also carry out gum surgery to cover exposed roots and as part of a cosmetic treatment plan to improve the smile.

Hygienist/Therapist Lead Non-Surgical treatment:
From £210
Specialist Lead Non-Surgical treatment:
From £420
Surgical Periodontal Treatment:
From £600


In almost every case Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is carried out under local anaesthetic to ensure a patient's comfort. It can often be completed in one or two visits. After treatment the paitent will need to return to the referring dentist who will often place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to restore it to its full function. We also offer root canal re-treatment where they tooth has a recurrent infection or a surgical procedure called root end resection.

Incisors and canine and premolars:
From £800-1000
From £850-1050


Ashley House can offer various treatments to straighten teeth and improve the smile. The aims of orthodontic treatment are to create an attractive smile and enhance overall facial appearance, improve function and maintain dental health. This includes creating adequate space for replacement of missing teeth with bridges or implants or straightening teeth which have drifted often as a result of gum disease. Custom made orthodontic appliances can also be used for the treatment of snoring and to improve symptoms of mild sleep apnoea.

Initial Consultation
Adults (over 20):
Children and teenagers:
Treatment planning appointment:

Metal braces: Single arch:
From £1500, Upper and lower: From £2500
Tooth coloured (white ceramic) upper and lower braces:
From £3000
Removable braces:
From £600
Functional appliance:
From £800

Metal braces:
From £2200.00 for a single arch
Upper and lower metal braces:
From £3800
Tooth coloured braces:
Single arch: From £2500
Both arches: From £4400.00
Damon clear braces:
Single arch: From £2500,
Lingual braces:
Single arch: From £3800
Both arches: From £8000
Damon clear upper/metal lower:
From £3000
From £2000 for a mild case
Fixed retainers:
From £220/arch
Removable retainers:
From £160 each


Our specialists can can place dental implants (made from titanium) to replace single missing teeth or for multiple tooth replacement as well as providing support for a denture. Implant surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic, although sedation can be arranged for long or complex procedures or according to patient preference. Then we enter the Restorative Phase which involves the recording of impressions and the relationship between the opposing jaws before making the final prosthesis. This may take several appointments over a number of weeks depending on the complexity of the case. Finally the essential maintenance phase that require long-term care of an implant which is generally no different from conventional dentistry. It is important to maintain the level of oral hygiene as high as possible and to attend for periodic check-ups and X-rays.

Single unit implant (restored with crown):
From £3,330
Ten-unit fixed bridge on six implants:
From £20,000
Surgical placement and exposure only (no restoration):
From £1550

Tooth Whitening

For upper OR lower teeth:
For upper and lower teeth:


30 minute appointment:
From £87
45 minute appointment:


Patient's Details

Dental implants
Oral surgery
Specialist assessment
Specialist treatment
Orthodontic treatment

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