You have been referred and your patient journey starts here:

1. After being referred

Welcome to Ashley House Specialist Dental Practice!

We aim to contact you within a week of receiving the referral from your own Dentist. We will ask you a few questions and arrange an Initial Consultation with the Specialist with the most experience to deal with the problem for which you have been referred. You will be provided with information relating to the cost of the Initial Consultation and the relevant documentation and a map of how to find us will also be sent to you by your preferred method (email or post).

2. Initial Consultation

The Consultation will take place at Ashley House. There you will meet with your Specialist who will perform a full clinical examination, which will include any relevant x-rays, clinical photographs and digital scans and possibly study cast impressions where necessary. Consultations may take 60+ minutes to allow us time to collect all the relevant information as well as providing the opportunity to explain and discuss your options.

You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and engage in these options so that we can mutually agree a treatment plan and the possible clinical outcomes that you would prefer.

3. Treatment plan

We usually aim to provide a written treatment plan within two weeks which will outline the treatment option agreed at your Consultation. This will include an estimate of costs and an outline of the other options also previously considered. A separate report will also be sent to your own dentist to avoid any duplication of treatment and ensure a smooth treatment journey.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions as we wish to ensure that you are fully engaged and comfortable with the proposed treatment plan and your preferred outcomes.

4. Day of treatment

On this day you will be met by your Specialist or perhaps another clinician who has been assigned to that particular treatment by agreement. It is quite normal to be nervous on the day of treatment but rest assured you are in safe hands. We will make your experience painless and remember we also offer sedation for patients who are very nervous or who require extended appointments. Your Specialist will explain the treatment to be carried out that day and deal with any questions that you may have.

5. Follow up

Our follow up starts immediately after treatment has been completed. You will leave the practice with the relevant post-operative instructions or written instructions where treatment has been more complex. We have an out-of-hours emergency service so that you can go home safe in the knowledge that we can be contacted if you have any problems.

We often call you a few days later to check on your progress and for those patients that receive surgery we will arrange to see you a week or two later to check on your healing and comfort.


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