A Glimmer of Light on the Horizon

A Glimmer of Light on the Horizon

We hope to hear soon from the Chief Dental Officer and Public Health England regarding re-opening the Practice, and we are really looking forward to seeing you again! Reassuringly it is becoming increasingly apparent that dental surgeries are probably safer environments compared to local supermarkets, petrol stations or perhaps even your local take-away.


Because our training and habits include:

1) Washing our hands frequently in between patients and between treatments.

2) Wearing suitable personal protection equipment like masks, eye protection and gloves.

3) Wiping down all surfaces between patients every time.

The evidence

Both in the UK and globally, dentists and co-workers have shown NO increase in the risk of contracting COVID-19, even when Coronavirus was more widely spread within the population. Instead, the infection rates within the profession are on a par with the population.

Disappointingly, our national press seem unwilling to share these facts and even now, some still argue that dentistry increases the risk of infection because of the close proximity we have our patients and the aerosols that we produce during some treatments.

Why then, are the infection rates no worse in Dentistry?

Because we take cross-infection control seriously.

We wear masks, gloves, scrubs and uniforms.
We use funny plastic wraps and barriers on surgical light handles and air/water spray devices.
We use high volume suction techniques.
We use water purifiers with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral solutions in all of our waterlines.

It is very simple logic really - any precautions that we put in place not only protect our patients, but they also protect us. So it's beneficial for everyone.

So, please don't be worried when you come to see us, we will continue to do all of the above and more.

In fact we will incorporate further protocols and procedures that we think might improve on our already high standards.

Please look out for our updates in the coming weeks, because when we do re-open we will have introduced

1) A secure patient portal allowing patients to register their details, view their records and reports as well as being able to access and sign documents, as well consent forms, remotely.

2) Two-way-texting which allows a more flexible form means of communicating with the practice, avoiding long waiting times or voice messages on the telephone.

3) Tele or video dental consultations that allow you to discuss your problems remotely and saving unnecessary visits to the practice.

Relaxed experience

Remember, we want your visit to be a safe enjoyable and relaxed experience.

A few things will be different such as;

We will want to check your temperature on arrival (as we will do for ourselves).

We will encourage you to use the hand-sanitising stations which are freely available in the Practice.

You might even meet us dressed in elaborate PPE like that seen above, any excuse for us to dress up!

We are the same faces beneath the new garb and we still want to not just to look after your tooth/gum/mouth/bite/smile, but also to look after your health and welfare.

We look forward to seeing you very much and please remember to look out for our emails and video links which will help demonstrate what changes might occur when you come back to visit us.

With very best wishes and thanks again for your continued loyalty and support.

Ashley House Specialist Dental Group


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